Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amaretto Parfaits With Peaches & Cream

Amaretto Cookie Crumble Parfaits
With Peaches & Cream
Serves 6
This is our easiest go-to dessert when peaches are in season. I love amaretti so much that when we visited Rome with the children, we bought a whole kilo of them at a bakery. We should have looked at the expensive price first, though, before she weighed and packaged them . . .  they were so delicious!

24 Italian Amaretto cookies*
1 pint whipping cream (or canister)
Powdered sugar
Vanilla or almond extract
6 peaches, ripe, peeled and sliced (drizzle with honey if you want)

1.     In a dry, cold bowl (refrigerate or freeze bowl and beaters beforehand), whip cream until soft peaks form. Add powdered sugar and vanilla extract to taste and mix well.  
2.     To assemble parfaits you need four amaretti per serving dish (2 packets). If the amaretti are still wrapped in bundles of two cookies, simply set on countertop and press down on wrapped cookies to crumble, then unwrap and dump into serving dish). 
3.     Layer 2 crumbled cookies, whipped cream and peaches. Repeat.  It’s fun to have each person make their own parfait:  give each person two packets of amaretti, one peach and a paring knife and have them crush, and assemble the rest by themselves—passing around the whipped cream or canister of whipping cream.

*We like the “Lazzaroni Amaretti de Saronno” Italian amaretto cookies come wrapped two together in the blue, green or red paper wrappers.  You can get them at Italian markets, online, or TJMaxx (on occasion).

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