Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dad's Omelettes

Dad’s Omelettes
Stan’s method is our favorite.  They are fluffy, with a rippled, golden surface.

For each omelette:

2 eggs
Pinch of salt
Grated cheese  (Gruyère, Swiss, whatever)
Sauteéd veggies (onions, peppers, whatever—leftovers work well)
Sliced green onions, chives or fresh parsley, minced
8-inch skillet, heavy-duty non-stick *
Spatula or fork for lifting edges of omelette

  1. Put skillet over medium-high heat.  Let skillet get hot. While skillet is heating whisk eggs in small bowl, add pinch of salt. Add drizzle of olive oil or small pat of butter to skillet and swirl to coat.  If using butter, wait until butter froths and subsides.
  2. Pour eggs into hot skillet. Imagine working around the omelette like a clock; lift one edge of the eggs with spatula.  Then, holding skillet handle, raise the opposite side of the pan from the lifted edge, still holding up the lifted edge of the eggs.  Some of the runny part will fill the place under the lifted edge.
  3. Keep working your way around the omelette to keep lifting and filling the edges.
  4. When the top of the omelette is still glossy, but there isn’t any runny egg left to fill the edges, add cheese and/or veggies on one half.  Fold over the other half, slide onto warm plate and serve. 
  5. Nice garnishes:  salsa, chopped parsley or other herbs.

*  We really like non-stick, vacuum pressure cast aluminum pans—hand wash only.  Berndes makes a great one.

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