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Home-Cured Duck Confit

Home-Cured Duck Confit

Serves 6
Stan and I learned how to make this duck confit at a cooking class in Napa, California
 on our 25th anniversary road trip.  The class was in a cave at Pine Ridge Vineyards.
Being Mormon, we stood out a little since the class (unbeknownst to us beforehand) was about learning how to pair what wine with what food.  Obviously we don’t ever drink, but we had fun getting to know the other people in the class, and came home with some new recipes!

6 Duck legs, health food store has them *
6 TBL kosher salt
1 TBL sugar
2 All Spice seeds
1 bay leaf
1 tsp thyme, chopped fresh
1 tsp chervil, chopped
1 tsp tarragon, chopped
1 quart duck fat

1.     Grind the Cure ingredients in a spice grinder or food processor for 30 seconds.  Divide the cure evenly among the duck legs and rub in well.  Place duck on wire racks set in rimmed baking sheets.  Cover with plastic wrap.  Cure in refrigerator overnight. 
2.     The next day, rinse off salt cure with cold water.  Pat legs dry, then place in a deep pan and cover with hot duck fat.  Cover pan with foil or lid. 
3.     Bake at 225º for 3 to 4 hours.  Drain off fat and reserve for future use making Confit again.  Save a little to roast potatoes in garlic.  Allow legs to cool.

Duck Confit Salad:

3 Roma tomatoes, cored
3 bunches Friseé, green parts removed
2 C baby Arugula
1 C Little Gem lettuces, chopped
1 TBL thyme leaves, chopped
2 C olive oil
¼ C Red Wine Verjus (Fusion brand is what cook used)
Salt & Pepper, to taste

1.     Peel tomatoes by blanching in boiling water for 20 seconds, then plunging into ice water.  Split them in half, season with salt and pepper, 1 tsp chopped thyme and place in deep dish, cover with 2 C olive oil. 
2.     Bake at 225º F for 1 hour.  Remove and allow to cool slightly in oil.  Keep the oil.
3.     When tomatoes are cool enough to handle, carefully dice them.  Place diced tomatoes into a bowl.  Add ver jus, 2 tsp thyme and whisk in ¾ C leftover olive oil (from cooking tomatoes).
4.     Toss tomatoes/vinaigrette with greens, place on plate next to hot, crispy duck confit leg.  Serve.

*You may buy Confit de Canard from D’Artagnan 1-800-327-8246.


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