Monday, December 3, 2012

Kitchen Tools Children Love

Kitchen Tools Children Love:

Our children loved helping with most of these tools in the kitchen because they were fun and gave an immediate sense of accomplishment.  They were popular with the children in Auntie Karey and Auntie Lisa’s houses too:

Their own apron—I still remember my tiny apron Nana made for us girls.

Apple “rotisserie” type peeler—before pushing the apple on the prongs, make sure that the child centers the core on the prongs by looking through the metal ring and centering the blossom end in the middle of the “bullseye”. We have the R&M Industries 5920 Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer.

Oat flaker—for making fresh rolled oats from oat groats.  Pour in the groats to the hopper, a child turns the handle and out come rolled oats!  We got one of these when our children were grown, but it still brings out the little child in everyone who tries it.  Ours is the Eschenfelder ® brand.

Apple wedge cutter—nice for cutting an apple in to slices before they are old enough to use a sharp knife.

Egg slicer—it can also slice mushrooms and strawberries (watch out for flying red juice—use the other hand to cover the berry when you push down the top).

Egg beater—Good for learning fine-motor skills.  It’s kind of hard at first for a child to hold the beater upright while turning the crank.

Moulinex handmill—We don’t actually have one of these. But I always wanted one and I think children would love using this.

Larger sized foodmill—Ditto.  Never had. Children would like.

Now-a-days you can find all sorts of colorful silicone children’s cooking utensils at the store plus Alien, Animal and Insect cookie cutters—great for cutting sandwiches into fun shapes.

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