Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lebanese Goulash

Lebanese Goulash

Use your garden fresh tomatoes and peppers for this great goulash—a fun dish to make with friends. This recipe came from my friend, Michelle McCleve Sharp when we lived in Bellingham. Her brother had a Lebanese classmate at Northwestern dental school that furnished the recipe.

6 large tomatoes, ripe
2 large green bell peppers, sliced into 2” lengthwise wedges
2 large white onions, peeled and chopped
2 cubes real butter
2 loaves French bread, bakery fresh

  1. Over medium coals, grill all the tomatoes (left whole) and the bell pepper wedges,
turning to cook evenly.  Tomatoes will get soft and juicy.  Bell peppers will look roasted and be soft when done.
  1. Meanwhile, in large metal bowl over stove, melt butter and cook with the 2 white onions.  Add cooked tomatoes and peppers.  With two large knives, cut up vegetables in pot using criss-cross motion, until all vegetables are in small pieces.  Add salt to taste (and a dash of hot sauce—optional). 
  2. Serve in bowls with large pieces of French bread.  It is typical not to use spoons.

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