Monday, December 3, 2012

Precooked Frozen Brown Rice

Precooked Frozen Brown Rice

Fresh is best, but this is perfect for heating up at the last minute for a healthy meal!
I learned years ago that fried rice is much better when is made with cold, refrigerated rice
(the grains stay separated, keep their shape and don’t turn mushy).
I figured I’d see if this method worked for freezing brown rice.  VoilĂ !

Brown rice

1.     In a large rice cooker, or big pot on the stove, cook a large quantity of brown rice (5 to 7 cups, uncooked) according to directions. Remove from heat when fluffy.  Allow to cool. 
2.     Transfer cooled, cooked rice to a glass container and refrigerate overnight.
3.     The next day, transfer cold rice to gallon-sized zip loc bags, filling one-half to two-thirds full, breaking up any clumps with the bag, or with your immaculately clean hands, as you go. Press out air and seal.  Lay flat in the freezer to freeze.
4.     When you need rice, whack bag on the counter if it has frozen together and rice grains will easily separate from each other. 
5.     Remove what you need and steam in a covered pot on the stove with a little water or in the microwave.

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