Friday, December 14, 2012

Trudy's Zwetschgenkuchen (German Plum Tart)

Mom Trudy’s Zwetschgenkuchen

Mom Trudy sweetly shared her plum tart recipe with me.  I appreciate it so much,
because she doesn’t use recipes—she cooks by feel—and her native language is German,
so writing in German is a labor of love.  She uses what I call Italian Prune Plums.

    Did you find a Zwetschgenkuchen receipe on the internet yet. You know I usually bake and cook without receipe's and I will have to convert the ingredients into american measurements. It also matters what size of cookiesheet or baking pan you use. I usually use a rectangle pan with a higher side because the plums are very juicy and boil over.

    A simple yeast dough works well but also a sugar cookie like dough. I cover the bottom of the pan like you would a pie crust. Then I sprinkle some breadcrumps over it to upsorbe? some of the juice, cut the Zwetschgen lenghwise open to take out the pit and snip the two points in 1/2 inch. LAy them face up on the dough in rows covering the pan completely overlapping them so you can fit many plums on the sheet.
    Make Streusel with flour, sugar and butter (like crumbs) amounts of ingridients vary according to the size of the pan. Use one part flour maybe 2 cups and half of the amount sugar at leats one stick unsalted butter, add cinnamon to the crumbs and sprinkle over the plums and bake until the Streusel are a light brown on top. After baking sprinkle cinnamon sugar over it. Tasts good warm and cold. Good Luck.    

I hope you can still use this Trudy receipe. Have a great day. Love to all the family.
Mom Trudy

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