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Bulletproof Submarinos

AIP Submarinos
This is like watching a lava lamp! Submarinos (submarines) are a familiar, comforting drink in Argentina where I lived as a Mormon missionary way back when. You just drop a long piece of chocolate into hot milk and watch the "submarine" melt. This is like that.

Put the kettle on and bring water to a boil. Fill a clear glass mug three-quarters full with the boiling water. Plop in a cube of Gee Fudge. After you stare at the melting stalagmites raising to the surface, stir and drink (add non-dairy milk if you want). OR pour into a blender, and blend until frothy.
Original recipe comes from eat play crush (Mary, the Paleo Chef) . She calls it Phat Fudge.
This AIP friendly version comes from Real Food with

HOW TO EAT IT: as is from fridge/freezer OR blend it into your morning hot drink (tea or coffee-substitute)

1/2 C ghee (or coconut oil)
1/2 C sunflower seed butter OR coconut butter
1-2 TBL raw honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 TBL turmeric
1/2 TBL maca powder (not raw)
2-1/2 TBL carob powder (or cocoa if no autoimmune issues)
1 TBL gelatin, Great Lakes green can
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp sea salt
pinch of coarse salt for topping

1 C ghee, or coconut oil
1 C sunflower seed butter, or coconut butter
2 TBL raw honey
1/4 C carob powder, or cacao powder in no AIP)
3 TBL Dandy Blend or Pero, or instant Chicory
1 TBL turmeric
1/4 tsp black pepper, fresh ground
1/2 TBL or 1 TBL maca powder, not raw
1-1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt, or to taste (dissolve in bit of water)
2 TBL gelatin, Great Lakes green can
1 tsp vanilla OR 1/2 tsp freeze dried vanilla
try adding ginger powder, cardamom or rosemary

Melt 1st two ingredients and stir well. In a tiny bowl, dissolve salt in a bit of water, otherwise the salt sinks to the bottom of the fudge and the last bit of fudge you pour out gets most of the salt. 
Add all remaining ingredients to the melted sauce and whisk well.
Pour into a container and refrigerate or freeze. Cut into squares to equal about 2 TBL. You can use silicone ice cube trays, but it's super hard to push the cubes out. 

Mix all ingredients well, (heat the first two ingredients in a pan if you have to for a smooth texture, then remove from heat and add remaining ingred).

Pour into a glass pint jar and refrigerate. Or, pour into cookie molds or silicone ice-cube trays, decorate with coarse salt and freeze.

Original Phat Fudge Recipe:
1 C tahini
1 C grass-fed butter or ghee
1/4 C cacao
1 TBL Ground Coffee
1 TBL turmeric
1/2 TBL cinnamon
Sea Salt
1/2 TBL maca powder (not raw)
1/2 TBL tsp honey
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cayenne

What to do: In a sauce pan, melt butter/ghee and whisk in tahini, followed by the honey until it's all well mixed.
Add the rest of the ingredients in no particular order and continue to whisk until you've got what I am not calling Unicorn Chocolate Sauce. Carefully pour into the silicone ice tray BUT purposely leave a spoon or two for your enjoyment now. #whywait

12 Individual Squeeze Packs Per Order
Available only in the US (for now)
Seriously, read it all. Reading is paleo and attention to detail is sexy.
UPDATE 8/24 at 8 AM PST: Over 800 orders in 3 days!
Keep it up, the goal is 2,083 orders to reach co-packer minimums.
Ingredients: Grass Fed Butter, Tahini, Cacao, Ground Coffee, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Maca, Raw Honey, Vanilla, Cayenne 
First, What is Phat Fudge? It's my personal replacement for those "Gel Packs" minus all the weird stuff.
Each ingredient is deliberate, aiming to provide instant and sustained energy, focus, memory, combat inflammation, and acts as a natural thermogenic. 
Level up your mornings by starting with Phat Fudge right out of the packet or even blending it into your morning cup of coffee to make #unicornfuel. 
Keep focused and alert during the day for in-between meal boosts. 
Use it as a pre-work out for when you're pumping that iron. 
The list goes on, and YOU'VE shared with me that you have been taking Phat Fudge on marathon runs, epic bike rides, 30,000 ft in the air, "on set" and the list goes on! 
Nutrition Information: 
Serving: 1 Packet - Calories: 222 - Fat: 22g - Carbs: 6g - Protein: 3g - Sugars: 2g
Storage: Keep refrigerated when you're not out on an adventure. Stores for up to 6 months in your freezer so feel free to stock up! 
Ways to enjoy Phat Fudge™: As soon you get them! Out of the freezer which is my preference because the texture is amazing. You can also blend Phat Fudge into your coffee or tea. Spread on other healthy snacks. Make it your own and surprise me. Get creative and tag me in your photo with the hashtags: #eatplaycrush & #phatfudge 
If you're reading this right now, you're joining me on Phase 2 of Project "Phat Fudge, All Growns Up" as I move this operation into the big leagues with a co-packer. 
But, how did we get here? Let's go back into time, 3 months ago, when YOU (Instagram) asked me to make Phat Fudge into portable squeeze packets. 
After several requests, I decided to test out the demand by selling 50 12-packs of Phat Fudge here on Shopify. 
Not expecting much, when I launched it LIVE on Periscope while wearing a Unicorn Head on my couch, it sold out in ONE HOUR. 
That meant I had to hand-pack 600 Phat Fudge packets. No biggy, I can handle that. 
I tried again a week later, only this time, I didn't hit SAVE on capping it at 50 orders and in 24 hours 268 orders had been sold. 
Oh. Em. Gee! That's 3,216 HAND PACKED Phat Fudge packets I had to deliver upon. 
And now, you guys wanted more, A LOT more so it was time to find a co-packer and really crush it! 
After over 30 calls, we (you and I) have a co-packer, BUT they have some aggressive minimums so I had to think about what my options were at this juncture for funding 25,000 squeeze packs. 
Investor? I've said "No, Gracias" to a few because they just don't align with how I want to grow this business. It's not just about getting funding and my gut just didn't feel good in those conversations. 
Kickstarter? Dude, that's a full-time job. I'd rather the fees those platforms charge just go straight back into the business and that your money goes straight towards your pre-order. 
Shark Tank? Mr. Wonderful terrifies me. Maaaaybe in 6 months I'll be ready to face that shark when I want to go REALLY BIG. 
I was stumped and too close to my own project, so I called upon my friend Noah Kagan to talk it out and he slapped me with the obvious, cut out all the middle noise and just pre-sale it directly - you have the demand. 
Check out the Hashtag #PhatFudge on Instagram. So much PF love! 
I'm gearing up to launch an EPIC pre-sale to hit 2,083 orders so I can meet the co-packer's minimum of 25,000 packets. 
Truth is, I want to exceed that number and I'm bold like that because remember, I accidentally sold 268 orders overnight with a single Instagram post AND to-date, I've sold just over 400 orders, which means I've hand-packed about 5,000 squeeze packs, strong wrists to prove it! 
2,083+ orders with the help of ALL OF YOU seems like something we can crush. 
We rally! We rally SO hard. You place your orders. You tag your friends to place their orders. You share the fudge out of this post. You rap about Phat Fudge on the streets. You get the point. MAKE SOME NOISE! 
Friday, August 21st we DINE! In case you think you'll forget, sign up by clicking on this sentence to be notified via email. You can also pay close attention to my instagram: @paleochef
Oh, and Phat Fudge has it's own Instagram now too: @phatfudge
After we hit the minimum order count, I hand a PO over to the co-packer and they produce our long-awaited packets. 
It takes them about 3 weeks to turn that around, fyi. 
I want to be conservative, so to allow enough time for all the amazingly sourced ingredients to arrive for batching, and to buffer in time for any disasters (you might remember "The Great Tahini Explosion" on Instagram), please allow 6-8 weeks for your orders to ship from the day we hit the minimum order requirements. 
READ THAT AGAIN: Please allow 6-8 weeks for your orders to go out from the day we hit the minimum order requirements. This is a pre-order party. 
WHEN that happens, I'll be able to take the profit from this run and roll it right back into the business so I can avoid slapping you with "sold out" signs in the future, set up subscriptions orders, speed up fulfillment times, as well as produce a VEGAN version, a COFFEE/CAYENNE FREE version and even toy with an AIP compliant version. 
Don't worry, I have MANY other versions in mind to add over time, but as Bob says, BABY STEPS. 
Very good and valid question. If we get close, I may just throw down a kidney to fill the gap but, to be audacious about it, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have a good hunch we'd make it happen. 
That said, on the off chance this "fails", I will refund everyone their money. 
Unfortunately, there will not be international shipping on this run. If this changes, you'll be the first to know! 
Yes, I do have wholesaler options. I know many of you have reached out and I will be offering wholesale pricing at this time but it will be with a high minimum order count for this initial pre-sale to be fair to this grassroots kickstart effort. Don't let that deter you, though, help me help you help me. *wink* 
Contact me at to inquire directly. I am SO humbled by the number of stores wanting to rep my product on your sites! 
Of course you are! Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you SO much for encouraging me to create this product. You guys saw the opportunity and I want to follow through on it in a BIG way.
How cool is this social media driven - REAL INGREDIENT- product adventure? 
Bring them on over to me on Instagram. I'll group the most common FAQ and update this page accordingly. As always, I'll be keeping everyone up to date through the whole process, just as I've kept it fully transparent from the start. 
Come play on Instagram: @paleochef or visit for more fun. You can learn more about who the heck I am and what it is I do when I'm not slanging fudge on the streets of LA. 


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