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Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps Serves 4 as a main course This dish is popular for a reason: fast to prepare, refreshingly tasty and nice enough for informal company (just have plenty of napkins on hand). This recipe is modified from a recipe by Vera Flannery at

Chive Blossom Mustard Butter

    Chive Blossom Mustard Butter ******* Makes four ½-cup logs of butter We love this butter. We love this butter. Have I said we love this butter? It is a magical thing to welcome springtime by making something with some of the first herbs that peek out of the ground after a long winter. I created this strongly flavored butter to compete with the assertive flavor of Brussels sprouts,  and other strongly flavored veggies from the cabbage family.  It's also great over fish, chicken, baked potatoes and bread. Got artichokes? Melt this butter for dipping.